Houston-Round 1

First trip to Houston with the bestie.

7/21/20234 min read

Hey y'all and welcome back for another blog! Okay so now that I got my most recent trip out of the way, lets switch it up and get into another one I went on. For the last few years I've been contemplating a move to Texas, except I've never been. I've been feeling like my soul is calling me out that way, which is crazy to me because why would my soul be calling me over to a place I know nothing about and have never been? So, my best friend and I booked a trip to Houston Texas. Quick little few day trip to get a feel for the area, for the people, for the lifestyle there. This was October of 2022. We did our research, on TikTok of course because no where else seems to be valid (lol), and jumped. We got there on a Friday morning and immediately almost died, the Uber driver that picked us up from the airport to take us to our first brunch spot was almost run off the road, welcome to Houston we thought lol. So we find our way to our brunch spot, The Toasted Yolk. The food was good and the drinks were good, so it helped ease the pain of almost dying in the Uber. We get done there, still with our bags, and trying to figure out where to go next because check in wasn't until 4pm. So we had the bright idea, lets go buy so dollar store locks and lock our bags up at the local Planet Fitness. We're members, what can they do to us?? So we found the one closest to our Airbnb and caught an Uber. Dropped our bags off and then went exploring. We get to this place called The Color Factory, it is an interactive museum that has photo ops in all these different rooms. It is a guided tour, so when you walk in each room you're in there with the whole group of people you start with. That part I didn't care for but nonetheless it was an amazing experience. Every room had different opportunities and off the wall rooms, the camera was already in there so you press the button and pose. Then at the end of the tour they send you all of your pics to your email. We get done with that and just start walking around the area, sight seeing, taking it all in. Then we head to their high-end mall, all kinds of custom cars and celebrities'. Once we finish there it is time to get checked in, so we head back to Planet Fitness, grab our things and get to the Airbnb. This Airbnb was a great location, we could walk to a lot of different places and the neighborhood was super quiet. Next day we get up, head out to eat and then make our way to a park called Discovery Green. They had some sort of Asian festival going on which was super dope. They had a park area, an area for dogs, statues everywhere, food, it was amazing. Really loved this park and it was located in their downtown area so we walked around to explore downtown, take pics of the murals on the buildings and again, just sight see. We get back to the Airbnb and decide to take a quick nap before we head to dinner and to explore the nightlife scene. After we eat we go to Electric FeelGood Bar, nice vibe and good drinks but we were looking for good photo ops too. So we head right down the street to probably the most amazing bar ever, Wonder Bar. This bar literally changes its theme like every few months, maybe even more often but when we were there it was of course Halloween. Aww man it was so cool, not only are there so many different photo ops but there's even hidden rooms or areas. That was probably my favorite place we went to while we were there. Now I believe the next day we woke up and went to this dope brunch spot that was ALL over TikTok called Kamp. They had a DJ and it even had the line setup like getting into a club but we didn't wait long at all. The food was AMAZING, the vibe was even better! They stay open late too so it turns into like a club type atmosphere. Then it was time for us to go home, remember when I said the Uber driver almost killed us coming into Houston? Welp ladies and gentleman, the shit almost happened again going to the airport!! This lady comes to get us, yes it was super early in the morning but still. She's listening to Gospel, has her bonnet on her head and just sounds like she's sleepy.. and she was. She fell asleep MULTIPLE times on the highway headed to the airport, to the point 2 people had to honk at her cuz she drifted into their lanes! Then we get to the airport and this lady ran up over the median, I thought she was about to literally take us into the airport to drop us off. I was shocked, nervous and scared for her and everyone else on the road. BUT we made it, got on the plane and headed back home. This was round one of Houston, remember I said my soul has been calling me out that way.. So I had to run it back and go again but this time take my kids to let them get a feel for it.. Come back for part 2.